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Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 of 30! ALL DONE

Well, here it is, the last one in the Challenge!  And it may be one of my favorites.  A Facebook friend had posted this as her profile picture and I just loved the pose, the hat, the bracelet, the water, everything!  I had another long skinny canvas that was just calling to have this image on it.  I will give more thoughts on this Challenge in a separate post and in my newsletter, but sufficed to say I am proud of myself for making it through and I hope we do it again next year!  And to those who bought many of these paintings, new collectors and old, thank you.......and a big thank you also to those who have followed and urged me on!

"Cooling Off"
6x12, oil on panel
NFS (She liked and bought!)


  1. Congratulations for making it the entire way! It was wonderful!

  2. What a lucky FB friend you have. This painting is delightful. I was pulled to it immediately. It has been fun following everyone in this 30 day challenge.