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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Challenge Thoughts

Again, thanks to everyone who followed and encouraged me during my 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge!  Here are some of my thoughts before and after the 30 days and my guess is that they can apply to others thinking about doing anything out of the ordinary.

First of all, here were my reasons for NOT accepting the Challenge:
  1. What if I could not finish all 30?  I'd be embarrassed.
  2. What if all my talent ran out after painting #10 or #17 or #28!?
  3. Just the word "Challenge" makes it sound hard.  It's out of the norm, I'd probably have to work harder and longer.
  4. Time constraints.  Could I plan it out that well?  What about the two weekends when I was going to be out of town?  I would have to have extras!
  5. It's a commitment. Do I really need ANOTHER commitment?!
However, mainly because my friend Dottie told me I needed to do it, and many of my other artist friends were also participating, I succumbed to the Challenge pressure.  And here is what I learned:
  1. I have it in me.  I COMPLETED what I started.  I am PROUD of myself.
  2. My talent did NOT run out.  Or at least I don't think so, everyone seemed to enjoy all of the paintings.  (And 10 of the 30 sold!)
  3. I took the opportunity to play with different types of canvases, sizes, and techniques that I had not done before, and found many I will use again.
  4. A better planning of my day allowed me to accomplish much more than I thought I could.  I need to apply this ALL the time.  I would get much more done!
  5. Challenging yourself every now and then is a GOOD thing.  Don't look at all the negatives, because THE POSITIVES WILL ALMOST ALWAYS OUTWEIGH THE NEGATIVES.
Have a great weekend!!!

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