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Friday, April 12, 2013

Wave Series!

I finally did something I've said I was going to do for a long time - work on similar paintings, different sizes, all at the same time!  When I finish one I like, I always have intentions of going back and doing a different size or shape but it never happens.  Or if I do try, I have long since forgotten the colors I used to mix the paint, or the way I held the brush or knife to get a certain stroke......the two larger ones in this group are actually similar in size, but one is long (15x30) and the other more upright (18x24), and then I threw a baby one in (6x6) just for fun!

"Wave Series I"
15x30, oil on canvas

"Wave Series II"
18x24, oil on canvas
"Wave Series III"
6x6, oil on panel

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